Skraeckoedlan announces album for early 2019

Fuzzorama Records proudly presents, from the imaginarium of author Nils Håkansson: Eorþe. As the enlightened has predicted since the birth of the aeons, 2019 will set in motion events of cosmic proportions. Be they good or evil or beyond our understanding of intent, questions better asked of species to come, for dim lay the waters of tomorrow’s reflection. But take heart, the seas will part in the springtime, and that which was meant for the depths will reemerge anew.

Skraeckoedlan reveals artwork

The bands says;
We are super proud to work with the amazing @johan_leion_art
once again. Here is a little preview of whats to come.

#Repost @johan_leion_art

“I’ve been spending most of my nights and evenings painting and drawing massive landscapes and underwater tentacle-monsters – it must be @skraeckoedlan that’s working om some new heavy shit.”

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#digitalpainting #lovecraftian #tentacles #tentaclesfordays


Fuzzorama Records is proud to announce Skraeckoedlan as an official Fuzzorama band!

Now the quest for the next album has started. And what could be better than to work with the guys that got them in to this genre to start with.

Signing with Fuzzorama records really connects the dots and is the missing link that Skraeckoedlan has been searching for all these years. We really feel like we have found our home. –Skraeckoedlan.

To celebrate this, the band has recorded a live video that features a little bit of everything from their world of music. In “Skraeckoedlan Levande at Studio Underjord” you get to experience one song from their first album, one from their second album, the latest song they worked with Erik Berglund on and bit of a song that will be featured on their upcoming third album. The live video was recorded and produced by Joona Hassinen in Studio Underjord, mixed and mastered by Erik Berglund and filmed by Marcus Jehrlander.

Listen to Skraeckoedlan on Spotify | iTunes