Truckfighters vs. Firestone - Fuzzsplit of the century

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Truckfighters vs. Firestone

The legendary release from 2003 that was the start of Truckfighters, on this fantastic fuzzy album together with Firestone with members from Truckfighters. The CD digipak version is sold out since years ago. But the LP is now available again, this time on brown vinyl (the original was yellow vinyl and yellow cover).

1. Truckfighters – The Special Theory Of Relativity
2. Truckfighters – Nitro
3. Truckfighters – Helium 28
4. Truckfighters – New Woman
5. Truckfighters – Gravity X-3
6. Firestone – Code To Destroy
7. Firestone – Megalomania
8. Firestone – Planet Remover
9. Firestone – High Ride
10. Firestone – Saved By The Bell
11. Firestone – Let The Sky Fall

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Fuzzsplit of the century