DJCO - If light can't save us, I know darkness will

Format: CD / DIGI / LPDexter Jones Circus Orchestra / Releases

DJCOs music withholds hints of Swedish progressive rock combined with powerful guitar melodies and catchy drums. It stretches itself between hard driven riffs and accoustic ballads.

This is their third album, second on Fuzzoramarecords and this is a super solid album by ”Sweden’s best kept secret” as they call themselves. Also available in a nice Gatfolded 180grams limited vinyl. Now on Special price!

1. If bars could bend
2. I’m a dog but you’re a hound
3. The silence is far too loud
4. The monster by your side
5. It’s not safe
6. Little man
7. Free enterprise
8. Both of us
9. Left to life abide
10. Mentally insane
11. Sad world
12. Better left unsaid (Only Vinyl)

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If light can’t save us, I know darkness will