stake off the witch - MEDUSA

Format: CD / DIGIStake of the witch

Stake-off the Witch is a band that can hardly be enclosed in just one well-defined and specific genre. Surely the basis of their music is the one of stoner rock, reminding of patriarchs like Kyuss, Slo Burn, Unida, Monster Magnet, but echoing multiple and various influences that makes it difficult to confine them in a precise current. The result is a music with a monolithic sound, heartened by dynamic and hypnotic riffs and made more intriguing by seducing psychedelics: the impact is strong, characterized by sonorities alternatively dark and deep or brilliant and psychotic.

1. Deep Inside Of Me, Deep Inside Of You
2. No one cares about the sun
3. I’m coming
4. Time is over
5. Tore to pieces
6. You get me down
7. On The Negation And The Affirmation Of Medusa: Part I
8. On The Negation And The Affirmation Of Medusa: Part II

Stake of the Witch