DJCO - Side by side

Dexter Jones Circus Orchestra / Releases

DJCOs music withholds hints of Swedish progressive rock combined with powerful guitar melodies and catchy drums. It stretches itself between hard driven riffs and accoustic ballads. The band has been compared to everything from Mammoth Volume and Bob Dylan to Blue Oyster Cult and Thin Lizzy. This is the debut on Fuzzoramarecords!

Comparisons aside: -This is probably how the 70`s would sound today. Its a true gem with endless potential!

1. Lock the cage
2. Nyby
3. We don’t care
4. Conceptual way
5. Sensation
6. Feel the gold
7. In front of you all
8. In the lion’s pit
9. Expectations
10. Side by side

DJCO – Side By Side