Space, in its unfathomable vastness, has since long been a subject of fascination for those who tilt their heads toward the skies. Full of awe despite its supposed desolation, it is here we place our hopes and dreams of a better future, of continued existence altogether. It is also here, where the lines between dream and reality become too subtle to differentiate, that we find three entities emerging from the apparent void. Their figures mere shadows, as if cast by the beckoning lights that burn from lifetimes away. Though the dead air does not reverberate, these travelers know not of silence. As wielders of the mighty fuzz-science fiction rock they seem to echo through the very core of existence, unearthing a reality more bizarre than the strangest of fictions. Yet they move forward, to the extent such a direction is possible in the depths of the universes. Their destination is unclear, as is their mission, but the cosmos is calling and they will answer. Inspired by uncertainty and with a serendipitous approach, they know but this: no power in the ‘verse can stop them!

Who would have thought the only telling of the story that marked the start of the anomaly would be in Swedish? Not that there was anyone left to speak it, or any language for that matter. Words had, after all, given way to mere sounds and those who could still make any utterances at all did so without real coherence or actual attempts at communicating. Communication had since long proven a fruitless endeavor anyway and if you wished to live, brief as that horror of an existence would inevitably be, you stayed hidden and you stayed silent.

There were however, in the midst of the madness, four people to whom the story was always known, making its realization no less of an atrocity to them. They knew because they had read it, one of them even wrote it. The author, now somewhat of a prophet in the eyes of the remaining three, had written it especially for them. His whereabouts, if he still existed, was anyone’s guess, as was the whereabouts of his writings. Had he predicted everything, or did reality itself conform to his narrative? Or to their interpretation of it? Whatever the case, it had all gone terribly wrong. With the emergence of the first Creature, time appeared to break off from its linear passage as it started moving simultaneously in every direction, reawakening ancient horrors and setting in motion calamities never meant for human eyes to behold. Delirium soon set in, as if humanity’s only mechanism able to cope with the new facts of existence.

The story of what happened that day remains only in the songs, their songs, and that is why they still sing them. They can’t forget. They mustn’t. Who else could possibly hope to bring some closure, to even try? Tragic as it may seem, this tale was theirs to tell, if only to keep their memories alive and their quickly waning sanity intact. If there was anybody left to listen, it wasn’t here. The great unknown bared its enticing fangs as the thought of escape increasingly occupied their minds.

Escapism had always been key when it came to their music and through its cathartic nature they dealt with whatever life threw at them. Be it puzzling questions of meaning and purpose that mankind had pondered since her inception, eccentric thought experiments or the most mundane of concerns, music provided a haven where issues of all sort could be reflected upon and seen in new lights. But this was something else entirely. Their melodies had brought them far and wide across the lands and to the deepest corners of their minds, but the journey on which they were about to embark would be the very epitome of, literally speaking, escapism.

In their hearts they knew that earth was lost. The once pale blue dot now rather parallelled its closest planetary neighbour, as if the unwilling blood of the earthlings had refilled the oceans. The furious red glow of their former home came steadily into view whilst the skies around them grew ever more black. From here it was almost a sight of beauty. Just another one of countless lights on the cosmic backdrop, shining fireflies in the dead of night.

And who knows? When the curtain closes on their final performance amongst the stars, maybe they too will shine for eternities in the heavens. A constellation to tell those to come and those yet encountered of a trio’s travels through the unknown. A constellation through which the cosmos will remember the three who sang for everyone and no one, and throughout existence, forever echoed will be the name: