When listening to Witchrider, you will eventually end up in a void. It might creep you out at first, but if you let it in you’ll find that it’s actually the beauty that’s been haunting you…

“The thing about making music is, there are no boundaries. It’s like a spirit of emotions that eventually passes through your body…you never know what you’re gonna’ end up with.” says Frontman Daniel Dorninger. “I don’t even know how to make music on purpose.”

“Being able to work on music all the time is essential for all of us.” states drummer Michael Hirschmugl, while giving me a tour around the apartment . “That’s why we record must of our stuff at home if we can. See, there’s even a freakin’ drum kit next to my bed!”

Before finalizing their name to “Witchrider” they had the name “Desert Mountain”. (After “Desert Sessions” in California). However, they decided that “Witchrider” was a better fit to their musical style. The idea was taken from sleep paralysis aka. riding the witch. – “Experiencing seeing a face-less person standing next to you, yet you’re unable to move, act or even make a sound is just pure terror…but on other hand strangely fascinating.”- says Hans Peter Leitner.

Witchrider started performing their first shows in late 2012, after Bernhard Weigl joined the band as the bassists and final member to date. “Playing live is one of the most important aspects to being a band. It’s the way of connecting to the crowd and fans, see how they respond to the songs and just to experience how the energy flows.”

Although the songs work with each other as one whole picture, Witchrider’s music seems to vary a bit from time to time. “I always found musical style not really that important. What counts the most is whether you can identify yourself with the music or not. I know I can and I am happy about every person who can as well. I think that’s what makes music “cool”.” replied Hans-Peter.
“Some people are calling us stoner-rock, some alternative, some occult-rock… I think we’re happy with that for now.” says Michael.

2014: Witchrider EP (DIGI)
2014: I’m outta breath – Single (DIGI)
2014: Unmountable Stairs – Album (CD/LP)
2020: You Lied -Single (DIGI)
2020: I am Confused (DIGI)

Unmountable Stairs

Unmountable Stairs LP | CD