Wizzerd - Space? Issue No 1

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Although the members were good friends and musical allies for years beforehand, Wizzerd was officially formed in October 2014. Forged from countless hours of jamming in a northwestern Montana basement was a sound that Wizzerd could latch onto as their own. They soon penned and recorded their first album, ‘Doomchild’, and since then have been challenging themselves to grow in every way possible while remaining independently managed and produced. Since the release of ‘Doomchild’, they have written mounds of material and released some of it in the form of their self titled LP on Cursed Tongue Records, and has recently signed to the mighty Fuzzorama Records to put out the third in this musical trilogy: Space?: Issue No.001 that will please your eardrums like nothing else.
However, perhaps the way the band has grown most is on the road. Four years of extensive touring of the US and breaking ground in Europe has led the band to bring their sound to the ears of many people far and wide. All of this time in the van and on the stage was followed by lots of studio time has led up to THIS album!. With new music and more touring in the near future, Wizzerd has a bright road ahead that is not to be missed!

“Progressive-meets-stoner songwriting and varied vocals should easily occupy your mind throughout your trip.” – Metalinjection.net

“Shattering expectations. Made me think of the Beatles, Parliament & Pentagram were one band” – Cody of Double Wide Studios

“Sounds like maximum thrust.” – The Obelisk


1. Launch
2. Sisters of the Sun
3. Super Nova
4. Attack of the Gargantuan Moon Spiders
5. Don’t Zorp ‘N’ Warp
6. Space Chase
7. Transmission
8. Doom Machine Smoke Break
9. Diosa Del Sol
10. Cosmic Woman
11. End Transmission