Asteroid – III


For the past ten years, Asteroid has been one of the trend setting bands in the independent psychedelic heavy rock community. With their origin in hard hitting stoner rock, they’ve constantly been adding more musical layers to evolve their own unique brand of rock. With inspiration taken from American and British Blues and Swedish folk music, the three piece always bring something new and fresh to the table.

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Asteroid – II

The second full-length is probably the best they’ve done yet, now re-issued in a nice looking Digipak! Out now on vinyl as well!

1. Garden
2. Disappear
3. Karma
4. Edge
5. River
6. Lady
7. Towers
8. Fire
9. Time

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Asteroid – S/T

First full-length is already a classic. Nice groovy 70’s rock with a touch of fuzz! Can’t be much better than this! The CD is sold out since years back, check out Itunes. Rumours says that this will soon be available on VINYL though!

1. The great unknown
2. Speaking to the sea
3. Panoramic telescope
4. The infinite secret of megladon
5. Silver Leaf
6. Water
7. Little Fly
8. Strange trip
9. Flowers and stones
10. The 13th witching hour
11. Doctor smoke

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Asteroid – S/T

Asteroid and Blowback – S/T

Asteroids debut on a full-length but here together with the 70’s combo Blowback! Great album, sold out years ago but still available on iTUNES of course! The CD’s been sold out since many years back.

1. Asteroid – Supernova
2. Asteroid – Anagram
3. Asteroid – Hexagram
4. Asteroid – Sim-sala-bim
5. Asteroid – Walk alone
6. Asteroid – The big trip beyond
7. Blowback – Holy skies
8. Blowback – Autumn leaf
9. Blowback – Fairys dance
10. Blowback – Cosmic dust
11. Blowback – The arquitect
12. Blowback – Inivisible touch

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Asteroid and Blowback – S/T