Bottenhavet – Ljud i Tysta rum

Ljud i Tysta rum

As the latest addition to Fuzzorama Records Stockholm based Bottenhavet is taking a big leap onto the stoner/fuzz/rock scene with their forthcoming debut album. Musically, Bottenhavet strives to deliver a unique and diverse sound to your ears but always with the roots in rock. Some people would describe the sound as 70’s hard rock, but with various influences shining through, including stoner, prog and grunge. Stick around to find out for yourself.

The upcoming album ‘Ljud i tysta rum’ is mixed and mastered by Robert Pehrsson at Studio Humbucker (known from Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker, Death Breath, Dundertåget, Imperial State Electric etc), and set to be released on Fuzzorama Records (run by the masterminds behind fuzz rock giants Truckfighters) in early 2024. It’s a concentrate of everything the band has established musically so far – An imposing compound of the band’s hard-hitting yet melodious sound that has been boosted to new levels, with striking dynamics that move unobtrusively between delicacy and force.

SKRAECKOEDLAN – Vermillion Sky -CD/Limited LP

Finally, finally, the wait have been long but fear no more the galatic Lizard is back with an album stronger than ever!!!

PRE-ORDERS up now, release 29/3 – 2024

Introducing the ultimate auditory experience for all rock enthusiasts – SKRAECKOEDLAN’s “The Vermillion Sky”.

Four bearded Swedes who’s forged their unique sound of progressive stoner rock in the cold northern forests. Previous album Earth was a massive domestic success as it hit the hard rock charts in Sweden.
Dive headfirst into the surreal world of Swedish stoner rock with this mind-bending album.

“The Vermillion Sky” is a sonic journey that transcends boundaries, with SKRAECKOEDLAN’s signature blend of heavy riffs, mesmerizing melodies, and haunting vocals. Let the adrenaline-infused tracks transport you to a parallel universe, where the vermillion sky reigns supreme!

Crafted by masterful musicians, this album offers an immersive experience. Discover Vermilion Sky, out after five years of silence.
Five years. Is that a long time to wait? Generally speaking, yes. Probably. Well, maybe. Time is after all relative, so there surely isn’t a fail-safe answer.

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Full bandbio below!



DEADLY VIPERS – Low City Drone

Real debauchery of decibels!

Deadly Vipers distills an effective fuzzy rock, without frills, thanks to the richness of the compositions, all made possible by grooves as catchy as they are devastating. The band offer a personal vision of the genre, where the riff is the fuel that powers interstellar engines, actors of a journey from the desert expanses to the ends of the universe.

New album ‘Low City Drone’ is their own vision of the future/past, a dystopian tale about the humanity last breath and an utopian hope about the reconstruction after the end. Watch out for drones coming from above, they are listening to what is being said below…

The album is mixed by Mr.Dango of Truckfighters so you can expect a hell of a fuzzy sound on this album, and yeah the guys don’t try to be a band that creates anew gengre instead they take classic stoner and psychedelic rock an play it exactly how it should be played!

This album will appeal to any fans of the stoner rock genre and especially those into a ‘Kyuss / early Truckfighters’ style of stoner.

“They deal in grooves of no nonsense” – Stonerking blogspot
“It sounds really fat, like PHAT!” – Alexandra rock pod
“May the Fuzz be With You” – MR.OZO of Truckfighters

Wizzerd – Space? Issue No 1

Although the members were good friends and musical allies for years beforehand, Wizzerd was officially formed in October 2014. Forged from countless hours of jamming in a northwestern Montana basement was a sound that Wizzerd could latch onto as their own. They soon penned and recorded their first album, ‘Doomchild’, and since then have been challenging themselves to grow in every way possible while remaining independently managed and produced. Since the release of ‘Doomchild’, they have written mounds of material and released some of it in the form of their self titled LP on Cursed Tongue Records, and has recently signed to the mighty Fuzzorama Records to put out the third in this musical trilogy: Space?: Issue No.001 that will please your eardrums like nothing else.
However, perhaps the way the band has grown most is on the road. Four years of extensive touring of the US and breaking ground in Europe has led the band to bring their sound to the ears of many people far and wide. All of this time in the van and on the stage was followed by lots of studio time has led up to THIS album!. With new music and more touring in the near future, Wizzerd has a bright road ahead that is not to be missed!

“Progressive-meets-stoner songwriting and varied vocals should easily occupy your mind throughout your trip.” –

“Shattering expectations. Made me think of the Beatles, Parliament & Pentagram were one band” – Cody of Double Wide Studios

“Sounds like maximum thrust.” – The Obelisk


1. Launch
2. Sisters of the Sun
3. Super Nova
4. Attack of the Gargantuan Moon Spiders
5. Don’t Zorp ‘N’ Warp
6. Space Chase
7. Transmission
8. Doom Machine Smoke Break
9. Diosa Del Sol
10. Cosmic Woman
11. End Transmission






For the last decade, Valley of the Sun have lit up stages across Europe and North America, dropped three albums of high-octane rock ’n roll and won over thousands of loyal fanatics along the way. Now, they have their sights set on world domination with their most stunning album to date, The Chariot, coming summer 2022 on Ripple Music and Fuzzorama Records. A dynamic flurry of top-volume riffage, soaring melodies and furious rhythms served up Cincinnati-style with a cold beer on the side. Check out the record today and get on board, and you’ll see why everything’s more dazzling in the Valley of the Sun…

Enigma Experience – Question mark

The Enigma Experience have announced the release of their debut album, Question Mark, which is coming out November 13th via Fuzzorama Records.


The band have also unveiled the brand-new single ‘Lonewolf’, which opens with a funky and psychedelically charged Primus-esque melody before dropping into a driving groove amid crunching riffs with soaring vocal melodies.


On the track, guitarist Niklas ‘Mr.Dango’ Källgren comments,

 ”The lyrics are about suffering from and handling the pressure of the world, and the expectations from society that push you into a corner when feel different. It’s about daring you to be yourself, to let your creativity loose and to live like you want to live – it’s your life.”


The band sees Sweden and Norway joins forces, as Truckfighters guitarist Niklas ‘Mr.Dango’ Källgren has teamed up with ex-Truckfighters/Witchcraft drummer Oskar ‘Pezo’ Johansson and Maurice Adams from Breed/Motorfinger on vocals.


The brainchild of Källgren, he also produced, engineered, mixed and mastered the album as well as playing bass and singing backing vocals.


The album comes on LP, CD and will also be available on a limited-edition vinyl in a very exclusive boxset with double vinyls with silkscreen printing, double gatefold, double posters and of course a nice box.


Question Mark is a very diverse rock record that opens with the ten-minute odyssey ‘Realityline,’ with vocal harmonies reminiscent of early 90s grunge heroes such as Soundgarden and Alice In Chains whilst elevating guitar lines weave over a pulsating backdrop of rhythm.


Elsewhere ‘In My Mind My Secret Place’ sees them slow things up with an ethereal acoustic atmosphere building into a hypnotically heavy and devastating end, whilst album closer ‘The Zone’ is a furiously catchy anthem with Kallgren’s trademark fuzz-fuelled sound piercing through.



  1. Realityline
  2. Lonewolf
  3. Mighty Mind
  4. Corruption
  5. Equilibrium
  6. In my mind my secret place
  7. The Z
  8. The Zone







Witchrider – Electrical Storm


On the new album “Electrical Storm”  that will see the light on Nov 13th the mixture of loud and heavy guitars with dark electronic elements and strong vocals will explode in the audiences faces and hearts like a tender strawberry smoothie blast from a catapult.


It’s ‘just’ been six years since the debut album so about time for the follow up, right 😉

Witchrider is a stoner / alternative rock group from Graz, Austria formed in 2012. The idea for the bandname was taken from sleep paralysis aka. “riding the witch”.

After the critical acclaimed debut album “Unmountable Stairs” the second full length record “Electrical storm” is finally on it’s way! We’ve been waiting for a long time and this masterpiece is worth it.  The album is truly a step forward with 13 smashing songs and not a dull moment this will take you on a very enjoyable musical journey.

The music is varied and has good melodies, mellow and uplifting tunes. Even if categorised as stoner rock the band is not one of the more heavy acts, they remind a bit of early Queens of the Stone Age with a lot of ‘catchy’ things going on!

Since releasing their first EP in 2013, they have been a vivid part of the European rock scene. Signing with “Truckfighters” own label Fuzzorama records just a year after and releasing their debut full length album in 2014. They also toured numerous times all across Europe with some of the best and coolest band in the genre.

The album comes on CD digipack, LP black and the limited LP splatter (just 100 copies).

Releaseday November 13th


The Weatherman

I am Confused

You Lied

This is unabashed fuzz heaven streamlined for success.”


Witchrider will ride riffs to the top.”






Elden – Nostromo

Elden believes in the power of heavy metal riffs, melodic choruses and an all out head banging experience. Formed in 2012 in Karlstad, Sweden, the band started writing songs influenced by artists like Mastodon, Baroness, The Sword and classic bands from the 70´s and 80´s. They recorded and released their first demo one year later and performed on a regular basis at local venues. Come 2015, Elden released their first EP and started touring across the country.

Having built a small following of both local and international fans the band started developing their sound, taking their songwriting in an interesting direction – even heavier riffs, more distinct vocals and an overall more impressive production. Debut album “Death and Fear” hit the shelves in November 2016 and got fantastic reviews:


“Right from the opening song “Wermland” I was completely hooked, and now am having serious trouble turning this album off.” –


“…propulsive drumming, turbo-charged Sabbath riffs and vocals that are pure, 21st century Ozzy.” Stoner HiVe


“Eldens debut demo is a superb hard rocking affair from start to finish showing off the bands excellent talents. If you want a band with plenty of groove and riff then Elden are the band for you.” – The Sludgelord


After touring Sweden to support the latest album, Elden looked to perform outside their Nordic home. In the summer of 2018 the band got the opportunity to support Stoned Jesus in Zagreb, Croatia. This would be the bands biggest show to date and the response could not have been better.

The future is very much exciting for fans of Elden. Having been picked up by critically acclaimed label Fuzzorama Records, Elden will release their new album “Nostromo” on the 24th of January 2020. Inspired by the cold darkness of time and space, these are by far the best songs the band have written.

Available in CD/digital PLUS Limited



and of course black unlimited but yet sounding as amazing 🙂

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Swan Valley Heights – The Heavy Seed

A fat baby is born in Germany: The Heavy Seed, second album of Munich and Berlin based three-piece Swan Valley Heights. Ranging from three-minute-long instrumental bangers with no other intention than smashing heads to massive psych journeys that almost reach the quarter-hour mark; from big, ugly dissonances to acoustic guitar driven beach vibes – this eclectic piece of fuzzrock found its right home on Fuzzorama Records, even being mixed and mastered by no other than Truckfighters’ Mr. Dango.

Releasing their debut album back in 2016, which was praised as “of biblical proportions” (Heavy Planet) and “the perfect stoner rock / heavy psych album” (More Fuzz), Swan Valley Heights quickly found their booth within the scene. Heavy, unique riffing and a semi-serious take on stoner rock’s clichés are fusing with a fascination for the psychedelic aesthetics and big spaces of the many branches the genre has to offer.

Swan Valley Heights has been labeled progressive stoner, psychedelic fuzzrock and space grunge, birthing music that is far away from simply riding standard patterns into oblivion.

Five-track beast The Heavy Seed will see the light of day September 6th 2019.The album comes in CD Digipack, and three different vinyl versions:

LTD edition Aside/Bside twin colored vinyl RED / AQUA BLUE + poster + patch + pick – SOLD OUT



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Valley of the Sun – Old Gods


Old Gods by Valley of the Sun is released on 24th May 2019 on Fuzzorama Records

“Valley of the Sun sound like one of those bands best experienced in a dive bar with sweat dripping off the walls – a perfect setting for the short, sharp shock of ‘The Hunt’, the QOTSA-esque jaunt of ‘Land of Fools’, where Ryan Ferrier’s huge vocals sound like Steven Tyler experiencing an exorcism.” – METAL HAMMER

“There’s no question that Valley of the Sun are placing themselves at the forefront of the new generation of American heavy rock.” – THE OBELISK

Fuzzorama Records – home to world beating rock of Truckfighters, Deville and Skraeckoedlan – is thrilled to announce the release of Old Gods; the brand-new studio album from the US band, Valley of the Sun.

Formed in Cincinnati, OH in 2010, the band instantly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with, thanks to two self-released EPs; the kind that never seem to go unnoticed/unheard for long. Often compared to the likes of Corrosion of Conformity, Alice in Chains and Badmotorfinger-era Soundgarden –the latter due in no small part to singer Ryan Ferrier’s exemplary vocal range – listeners are treated to a sound that runs the gamut of blues, hard rock, grunge and heavy metal, with big riffs, fuzzed out hooks and deep bass grooves.

For the band, whose last release came in 2016 with the impressive Volume Rock, new album Old Gods is a new and exciting concoction expertly packaged and delivered with a raw and unbridled power whether listened to via stage or speaker. In this incarnation, incorporating heady moments of psychedelia and assuming a form unlike anything the band has ever attempted before.

“To me, Old Gods is a meditation on who I once was, who I am now, and who I’d like to become,” explains guitarist/vocalist Ryan Ferrier.

“We try to evolve with each album,” adds drummer Aaron Boyer. “On Old Gods we added some heavier elements, darker tones, and a touch of psychedelia. We tried some things on this record that we’ve never done before and that made it a lot of fun to make.”

The album comes in CD digipack as well as three different vinyl versions; Black LP Gatefold incl poster and sticker , Transperant Green LP Gatefold incl poster and sticker, Splatter LP Gatefold incl two posters and a sticker. The Splatter version will only be sold through Fuzzorama’s own webstore as well as by the band at live shows.


Ryan Ferrier – Guitar/Vocals
Aaron Boyer – Drums
Chris Sweeney – Bass, Keys
Josh Pilot – guitars