Truckfighters – Hidden Treasures of fuzz [re-issue]

Re-issue of the anniversary LP. Originally released as numbered yellow vinyl copies 2011. Comes here on normal black vinyl. The two first Ep’s ever recorded by Truckfighters. ‘Desert Cruiser EP’ 2001 and ‘Heading for God’s warehouse’ 2002.

1. Desert Cruiser
2. Mexico
3. Spaceship Lord
4. Motor
5. Gain Speach
6. In Search of (the)
7. Falling Business
8. Guy From The Sky
9. Below The Sun

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Truckfighters – V


So what are the different configurations then?

– Ltd. Gatefold LP + CD & Poster

– Ltd. CD + DVD Digipak & Poster including two instrumental bonus tracks. The DVD contains about half an hour of Ozo and Dango talking about the bands history around the old music videos which are also on the DVD.

– Standard CD Jewelcase.

The LP is available in the following vinyl colors:

– Black vinyl (limited to 1600 copies)
– Red vinyl (limited to 200 copies – exclusively available at the Fuzzorama Store)
– Golden vinyl (limited to 600 copies – exclusively available at the Fuzzorama Store / at live shows this fall)
– White vinyl (limited to 100 copies – available at CM Distro EU & CM EU Mailorder)
– Yellow vinyl (limited to 200 copies – exclusively available at Finest Vinyl)
– Lilac vinyl (limited to 300 copies – available at CM Distro US & CM US Mailorder)

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If you are interested in groovy, stoner-influenced, progressive and melodic hard rock you probably know about Truckfighters already. “The best band that ever existed” as Josh Homme said in the 2011 “fuzzomentary” Truckfighters. You might also know the story about how Niklas ‘Dango‘ Källgren teamed up with bassist and vocalist Oskar ‘Ozo’ Cedermalm in a worn down rehearsal space in Örebro, Sweden in 2001 and how the first song they ever recorded, Desert Cruiser, since then has gone on to become a desert rock anthem. You probably also know that the band itself has gone on to release four full length albums and played sold out shows on four continents.

The band’s upcoming fifth album, V, is released September 30th under exclusive license to the established label Century Media.

“Century Media have been very cool with us. We’ve been able to keep that do it yourself-philosophy of ours, to focus solely on our creative process and producing the album”, says Ozo.

V continues the Truckfighters tradition of blending big riffs, dynamism and intricate songwriting.

“The album won’t come as a huge surprise for those who’ve heard our earlier work – but at the same time it feels like a leap forward. We’ve been able to create some of our best songs so far. For us this is definitely the album of the year”, says Dango and laughs.

Truckfighters LIVE


Super deluxe double splatter LP, triple gatefold CD and download included megabox;

BANDCAMP coming soon;

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The Truckfighters releases their first live album 15 years since the band formed back in 2001 and with nearly 1000 gigs performed. Live in London was recorded at Islington Academy, in Nov 2014 and is here presented in a deluxe package containing two splatter LP’s and a CD, with Mp3 download code included and access to free bonus video material! The album manages to capture the raw amazing energy of the bands unique live show. The songs are indeed ‘alive’ with many variations from the studio versions of the songs – jammy improvisational musicianship at it’s best. Do you wish you could go see a crazy live gig whenever you wanted? Now you can! (almost). Truckfighters are probably the best live band in the world and this is probably the best live album in the world. A must for the fan as well as the collector!
Press play and get ready for a hell of a fuzzy sound!

Truckfighters – Universe

Latest album by the fuzz rock demons Truckfighters… They are moving more towards the progressive hard rock but without loosing their excellent touch in melodies and songwriting. Got stunning reviews all over the world and is a true masterpiece.

1. Mind Control
2. The Chairman
3. Prophet
4. Get Lifted
5. Convention
6. Dream Sale
7. Mastodont

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Truckfighters – THE CHAIRMAN

After an almost 5 years silence regarding release new stuff this was the first sign of what was about to come, the Single “The Chairman” from at that time yet to come full-length album “Universe”! This is an 10″ EP, also includes one live song from Australia. The US edition of “The Chairman” comes with 2 extra songs and in two beautiful colours, released on last Hurrah, but you can find it in our store of course: HERE!

1. The Chairman
2. Desert Cruiser (Live from Australia)
3. Monte Gargano (Live from Australia)
4. Traffic (Live from Australia)

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Truckfighters – Gravity X and Phi (triple LP)

Truckfighters – Gravity X and Phi (triple LP) (Yellow-Black-red vinyl)

(From the album ”Gravity X”):
Desert Cruiser

The deal
Manhattan project

In search of (the)
A. Zapruder
Altered state
Tic-Tac (Bonustrack)

SIDE D (From the album ”Phi”)
The game


Below the sun (Bonustrack)
Convention (Bonustrack)
No need for satisfaction (Bonustrack)

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Truckfighters – Hidden treasure of fuzz

The two first demos ever recorded by Truckfighters, from 2001 and 2002, now straight into a coloured (yellow) vinyl. Sold out in a few months. Re-issue out now!

1. Desert Cruiser
2. Mexico
3. Spaceship Lord
4. Motor
5. Gain Speach
6. In Search of (the)
7. Falling Business
8. Guy From The Sky
9. Below The Sun

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Truckfighters – Mania

The third album from Truckfighters and one of the most acclaimed record with an impressive improvement by the band with more melodies a lot more progressive songwriting and sound. A mature evolution from the previous albums.

1. Last Curfew
2. Monte Gargano
3. The New High
4. Majestic
5. Monster
6. Con of Man
7. Loose
8. Blackness

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Truckfighters – Phi

Second album from Truckfighters, heavier and more progressive than Gravity X. A solid hard rock, fuzz rock album.

1. Atomic
2. Fortyeight
3. Kickdown
4. Chameleon
5. Dysthymia
6. Slacken
7. Warhead
8. Traffic
9. Slides
10. The Game

Also available on vinyl on the SUPERLP, containing ”Gravity X (2005)” + ”Phi” PLUS 4 bonus songs

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